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Expansion modules

Expand your possibilities with the Meethubb

The Meethubb offers you in the base a lot of functionality. There is a possibility to extend this functionality with various additions. These additions are integrated for you from the factory. Below you will find an overview of a number of extension modules.

Interior package

During meetings, the participants at the conference table are asked to adopt various seating positions. Not all of them are comfortable. For some participants this leads to a major obstacle. Concept Direct has developed the Scissors Table, an innovative table with the V-Flex system.

The benefits

  • Ideal for presentations or video conferencing
  • Table-top connections possible for 230V/USB
  • Quick to change set-up

The hindrance of long tables
An underlying reason for annoying conference tables is often an overly long conference table with lots of seating. One reason may be that the space is limited in width. The distance between participants is also often deliberately limited for various reasons, in order to promote cooperation. In these meetings, not all participants can look at each other during interaction. When a participant is speaking, the natural reaction is to look at that person.

Presentation / Videoconferencing
During presentations or video conference meetings, all eyes are on the presenter, the presentation or the video image. The seating position of almost all the participants shifts in one line, to one side, which brings them into each other's field of vision. The result is that participants have to look past each other, which means that they are no longer sitting in a comfortable position. If this happens frequently, it can even lead to neck problems.
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Interactive presentation

Many displays are touch. Just look at your Tablet or Smartphone. Touchscreens are also increasingly being found in conference rooms. In the past, this often required additional software. Nowadays, this is plug and play, which makes it a lot easier for users and administrators. The big advantage is the digital flipchart function, where the paper flipchart can be replaced very easily and the notes can be stored digitally.

The benefits

  • Quickly available via home screen
  • No need for a separate flipchart
  • Annotations digitally available

Wireless presenting

If you would like to present wirelessly and are tired of the hassle with cables, then choose this wireless presentation module. This package consists of a wireless transmitter and receiver. The receiver is integrated in the Meethubb. The included dongle you plug into your laptop and you can transfer your image and sound wirelessly to the presentation screen in seconds. You do not have to install any software or set up a network connection. There are also possibilities to present wirelessly from your laptop or smartphone.

The benefits

  • Quick change of presenter
  • No software installation
  • No claim on your network

Video excellent

High-quality video conferencing for groups for everyone and with everyone. That is the idea behind this expansion module. This module consists of the V-Type of the Meethubb and an integrated USB camera and (table) microphone. You can also place your own PC in the Meethubb that runs your own video service, such as MS Skype for Business.

The Video Excellence Package. You can achieve more with it!

The benefits

  • Low investment
  • For various group sizes
  • No cables in the room

Wireless Presenting

Is wireless presentation reliable? Is the speed high enough to play my videos? Should I choose only wireless or also the possibility to connect wired? Ask for the possibilities with Meethubb.

Video Meetings

The camera, speakers and microphone in the room as an extension of the laptop? Or opt for a video room system. Which platform can you best use in your organization. Call us for advice and do the audit.

Interactive collaboration

What are the possibilities for interactive remote collaboration? Which hardware is suitable for this? Do I need to purchase special software for this? Concept Direct will gladly help you to solve this issue. With the interactive collaboration package you will create the most functional facility for the meeting room.