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  • The all-in-one presentation facility
  • A representative presentation or video conference without cables or hassle? De Meethubb, the alternative for audiovisual installations.

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      No "hassle" with the Meethubb in your meeting rooms

      The all-in-one meeting facility for meeting rooms, presentation rooms, boardrooms and conference rooms.

      The Meethubb is simple for every user and easy to place in any space. An affordable standard concept with more than 50 variants. Read More

        Meethubb with Barco CX integration
        Wireless video conferencing and using your own video application? Combine with the Meethubb! Wireless presentations have been possible for some time. Wireless conferencing from your device on a presentation screen is different. The latter option requires connectivity with the camera and microphone of the room. Concept Direct is a Barco CX partner and has already [...]
        Meethubb with Poly integration
        Collaborating with high-quality video equipment? The Meethubb with Poly integration makes it possible to start a video meeting without a laptop. By means of a touch screen, you can start the meeting with one click. Concept Direct is a Poly Partner. Contact us for an audit or advice.
      • Piet van Erp Logistic Support - Lekkerland Nederland B.V. "We are very satisfied with Concept Direct's products and services. The Meethubb PSM is easy to move and simple to use".

      Wireless Presenting

      Is wireless presentation reliable? Is the speed high enough to play my videos? Should I choose only wireless or also the possibility to connect wired? Ask for the possibilities with Meethubb.

      Video Meetings

      The camera, speakers and microphone in the room as an extension of the laptop? Or opt for a video room system. Which platform can you best use in your organization. Call us for advice and do the audit.

      Interactive collaboration

      What are the possibilities for interactive remote collaboration? Which hardware is suitable for this? Do I need to purchase special software for this? Concept Direct will gladly help you to solve this issue. With the interactive collaboration package you will create the most functional facility for the meeting room.

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